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ode to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatFire at U.S. day care center kills five childrenFire at U.S. day care center kill▓s five childrenFire at U.S. day care center kills five children08-12-2019 10:03 BJTWASHINGTON, Aug. 11 -- A fire at▓ a day care center in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania killed at least five children on Sunday, according to▓ local authorities.The fire was reported ear▓ly Sunday at a day care center in Erie▓, a lakeside town in northern Pennsylvania. According to ▓Erie fire chief Guy Santone, multiple peopl▓e were trapped inside the three-storey single family house, which abruptly caught fir▓e, a witness said.Santone said the victims ranged from eight

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months to seven years in age.The owner of the day care center, an adult female, was▓ flown to a nearby hospital for treatment.The day care cent▓er was certified by local authorities until March 2020, local media the Erie Times-News reported.Erie has a population

of about 100,000 and is the fourth largest city in the state.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease

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Project Hope as th

scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatUN report says grave violations

against children increase in 2018U▓N report says grave violations against children increa▓se in 2018UN report says grave violations against children increase in 201807-31-2019 10:40 BJTUNITED NATIONS, July 30 -- A UN report released Tuesday documented that the level of grave violations against children worldwide last year was on the raise.The 2018 Annual Report on Children and▓ Armed Conflict said that more than 24,000 grave viol▓ations against children were verified by the United Na

e public welfare program m

tions in 20 country situations.Continued fighting between parties to conflict,

new conflict dynamics and operational tactics, combined with widespread disregard for international law, had a devastating effect on children, it said.While the number of violations attributed to non-State actors remained steady, there was an alarming incre▓ase in the number of violations attributed to State actors and to international forces in comparison with 2017.UN Secretary-General Ant▓onio Guterres is "disheartened", said his deputy spok

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ts 30t▓h anniversary

esman Farhan Haq. Apart from the verifie▓d violations, thousands of others wer

e pending verification due to resources and access constraints.Guterres is particularly ▓appalled at the number of children killed or maimed in the 20 country situations on the Children and Armed Conflict a▓genda last year, which reached more than 12,▓000 boys and girls, an unprecedented level, said H▓aq."This is the highest number we have▓ ever recorded since 2005 on this violation," Special Representative of the Secretary▓-General for Children and Armed Conflict Virgini▓a Gamba t

this year.Please s

old the press.The number of child casualties▓ in Afghanistan remained the highe

st such ▓number in the present report, and children accounted for 28 percent of all civilian casualties.In the▓ Syrian Arab Republic, air strikes, barrel bombs and cluster munitions resulted in 1,854 chil▓d casualties, and in Yemen, 1,689 children bore the brunt of ground figh▓ting and other offensives, the report said.Children cont▓inued to be forced to take an active part in hostilities, including to carry out suicide bombings against civilians,

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said the report, addin▓g that others were used in support role▓s such as sexual slaves or human shields.Somalia remained the country with the highest number of cases of the recruitment and use of children followed by Nigeria, according to the report.The report also verified 1,023 attacks on schools and hospitals. In the Syria, 2018 witnessed 225 attacks, the highest numbers of attacks, on schools and m

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would explain why China has em▓er

childrenUNICEF ambassador call▓s for unity to

novation superpower.

  • secure brighter future for children08-21-2018 11:07 BJTThe international community should forge a united f▓ront to secure a brighter, and healthier future for all children, said Ma Yili, a well-known▓ Chinese actress and UNICEF (UN Children's Fund) a▓mbassador during her recent trip in Ke▓nya."The purpose of this visit is mainly to learn from and▓ exchange with health workers in Ke

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  • nya, and to share my experience there with people back ▓home," said Ma."It has been a great honor for me to serve as a UNICEF ambassador, and to work with them to promote early childhood development," she added.Ma's visit to Kenya coincided with her inaugural overseas mission as a UNICEF ambassador.At the Pumwani Maternity Hospit

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to considerati

al, which happens to be one o▓f the largest state-funded maternity faci▓lities in Kenya, Ma was impressed by the warm recepti▓on she received from the mother of a 2-month-old baby whom she administered an ora▓l polio vaccine."I did not expect the mother of the child to trust me this much -- this has b▓een inspiring," she remarked with ex

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